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We’re proud to offer dependable home insurance policies.

State to state may very but generally your home would be protected for the following:

Fire and smoke damage

Weather related damage, such as wind damage or hail

Water damage from internal sources, but not from flooding

Theft of personal property


Damage caused by snow or ice on the roof (such as a collapse)

Damage from civil disturbances

Explosions (like gas explosions)

Damage caused by motor vehicles or aircraft

Contact your agent for optional coverages such as : water, sewer back up , flood & earthquake.

Homeowners insurance

Vacation or Second Home Insurance

Sleep well at night knowing your insured property such as a cabin in the mountains, a lake house or a beach cottage is covered.

 Whether your vacation home is used as a weekend getaway or a seasonal retreat, it’s a special place you want to protect.



Rent your property with confidence. 

*Long-term rental 

*Occasional short-term rental

*Frequent short-term rental (ex. Airbnb)




Damage to furniture, clothing and other personal items

Your personal belongings, whether they're in your home or elsewhere

Personal liability for another's injury or their property, if damaged by children, pets, and more.

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Call us today (570) 241-9335

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